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White Dakini

The Snowflake of Shining Radiance

I am the white form of Vajra Dakini
A Dancing Dakini I am clear crystal and shining radiance,
with the delicacy of a snowflake
I am the snow queen, full of rationality and cold beauty
I am the ice maiden, distant and mysterious
I am the mountain goddess,
giving treasures, and sending avalanches.

I am the unity of all other forces, in the form of shining white rainbows
I represent the detachment necessary for spiritual transcendence
Dakinis have different styles:
Red is playful and dramatic and tragic
Blue is purifying and negating
Yellow is caring and nurturing
Green is powerful and successful
I pull the soul from its attachments,
as it hangs on with an iron grip.

I reveal the soul as fearful and desperate,
clinging to worldly things
I help with fear and conquer the monsters of the mind
I help with lust and greed,
and cool the fires of passion
I help with anger and hatred,
bringing understanding and forgiveness.

My forms are the crystal vajra, the shining snowflake, and the diamond bell
I am the white maiden who stands where corpses are exposed,
To guide the soul away, as the body is destroyed. **

I guide the spark of soul, the jewel box of karma from life to life
I smooth its entrance and exit
I turn the raging red fires to white
To become the fires that power the rocket of the soul's journey towards transcendence.

In true iconographic form,
I sit in lotus position
I do not dance, or hold skull cups, or have intercourse ***
I do not energize the soul
I calm it
See me in crystal upon an eight-pedaled lotus
Crowned with a vajra crown
I hold vajra and bell, and behind me are the white rainbows of the sky
The aurora borealis and the Milky Way seen through prisms
Those who meditate upon me use the crystal mala, and see white light.

I call upon those yogis and devotees who seek liberation, and say:
Do not involve yourself in the dramas of earth
Avoid the traps of status, honor, and wealth
Do not seek to lead others and tell them what to do
Do not tell others proudly how to live
Earthly religions are made of pride,
and condemn others due to pride
Lineages and gurus are pride of family ****
Seek freedom, for pride will bind you
Light and Emptiness are the Way.

**     NOTE: Many Tibetan groups expose the bodies of their dead to the elements to be eaten by birds and scavengers

***   NOTE: These iconographic elements are common to other Dakinis

**** NOTE: In some ways, a spiritual lineage is like an alternate family where the guide or guru may take the role of a parent


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