BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas


A fierce red emanation of Vairocana

Vajravarahi mandala I am the essence of abundance and fertility
for those whose life is poverty
I bring heat to the freezing, food to the hungry,
life to the dying
I have been compared to the sow, who feeds her farrow
At the risk of her own life, and will nurse them on blood
Should her milk go dry

In my passive role I aid the Dharma by succoring its adherents
By presiding over shelters for the war-torn and weary
By radiating shining light to whoever might need it desperately
By acting as the fulfillment for their needs

In my active role I aid the Dharma by frightening its enemies
My fierce and wrathful forms guard the gates to ultimate bliss
I ride with sword and spear, to quell bursting desire
I cause fear in the ignorant, who do not realize that all form
When taken as Truth, is grievous error

I am sneered at by the rich, and worshipped by the poor
I cause balance to manifest in various ways
I give the suffering power and the grieving joy
I ensnare desires and leave the free man free
I cause light to shine upon the deserving
Illusions to descend upon the unworthy

Call upon me in direst distress
Travelers and wanderers along the path
I am manna from heaven and mercy in extremis
The helping hand at the last minute
The opener of heaven to the dying soul.


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