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The Essence of Laughter and Wonder

I am Vajralasi, the essence of laughter and wonder
I am ecstasy on the Path to Truth, a fullness of energy
When the wanderer is overcome by the joy of existence
So that he can only laugh.

I and my maidens offer light in various forms
We shape the paradises which the striving may enter
To rest and refresh themselves
We offer star dust and rainbow sprinkles
Shining brilliance and subtle mystery
Pleasure which continues infinitely in all directions
The release of tension.

We give in many ways, and fill the archetype
Of the compassionate mother
The loving whore
The weaving Egyptian dancer
The singing nightingale
The oasis in the desert, full of date palms and music
The hostess serving her guests with all manner of sweetmeats
The church open to the wretched and the hungry
The nun ministering to the wounded.

I am myself the archetype of the laughing child
Little sister teasing older brother
Rolling merrily down hillsides on a mid-summer's day
Belly-laughing Zen priest and giggling teenager
Viewers at a theater howling and clutching their sides, screaming with laughter
The shy smile of the Madonna.

Meditate upon us if your heart is aching
If your mind is pure, and no satisfaction
Crowns your needs
If you wander as a dry leaf, condemned to travel
With no hope of respite, and you cannot transcend
The limits of your soul, come unto us
And we shall give you the gifts
Of joy amid sorrow, pleasure amid pain
Strength amid weakness, and the true knowledge of renewal.

We give tea and sympathy, a shoulder to cry on
A pat on the back and a kiss
We do not destroy desire, but transmute it
Saying: Here at your disposal is all form
See it, work with it, and change your craving
Into yearning for Truth and Enlightenment.

We create reality, you learn its source
We create forms, you penetrate their center
When they no longer have power for you
Then can you travel in peace.

Visit the paradise of the Vajra Maidens
That we may fill your desires for form
And a desire for Emptiness may emerge.


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