BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas


The Essence of Crystalline Song

I am Vajragiti, the chord of crystalline song
As the sound of yearning bells in the cool autumn air
The chants of monks walking through dark and lonely monasteries
The joyous song of a child swinging high in the air
So do I manifest to those whose hearts are open

I call forth creativity and resonance in those who meditate upon me
I call the dead to life, the inert to movement, the moving to thrilling tremors
I bring forth ecstatic awareness to the wanderer
I strew crystal flowers along the path to Truth

Call upon me if you perceive your body as lifeless
And yet you have not the strength to burst forth your soul
Call if you wish to be open to a universe singing in joy and praise of the Ultimate Beloved
Instead of wondering and searching, and hiding your face before the Mystery
If you wish knowing instead of theorizing, wonder instead of boredom, freedom instead of routine
Call upon the diamond song to light your heart's fire
And create the shining path for you to follow

You may visualize me as a smiling maiden, playing many instruments
Carved in rainbow crystal, dancing slowly to ancient tunes
My heart open and singing, like a shining rose
Within a crystal vase.


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