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The "thunderbolt matrix" bodhisattva
in his wrathful form

I am Vajragarbha, the destroyer of illusion
Lightning`Destroying Form In the name of Truth, I cause by lightning and fire
The destruction of all form.

I am the howling wind and the screaming banshee
The mad Shaivite and the fiery volcano spewing forth lava
Even purity is form, even truth is form, even reality is form
None do I allow to exist in my presence when I have been called.

Do not meditate upon me if you are weak and trembling
If your love is of flower arranging and putting hats on babies
If you lay around in inertia, dissolving meaning into puerile gaiety
If you cling to anything at all.

Before me comes violent death, and fear and trembling
I do not create but destroy
I do not condone but condemn
I guard existence from the shapes which ever grow
To cover it with disgusting evolution.

See me in the raging vanguards of terror
The awareness that what is loved or valued
Shall soon be no more
See me in the forefront of the onrushing hurricane
Splintering houses and uprooting trees
Thundering structure to the fierce winds
That true nothingness may emerge.

Only when all manifestation has been negated
Will the clear light truly dawn
Only when attachments have been blasted
Can we see what lies behind illusion
Only when experience and personality become irrelevant
Can we know what we really are
I may be both savior and destroyer, tyrant and servant.

I open the gates to liberation
If you cling to nothing, and wish only release from the traps of Maya
Call upon me, and my power may crash you open
That you may become Truth
And freedom unending.


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