BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas


The Essence of Clear Sweetness Amidst Clouds

I am Vajradhupa, the essence of clear sweetness amidst clouds
I open up dull air to delicate perfume, add traceries of clear water amid stagnant pools
I bring cool wind on a hot, steamy evening

I am incense blowing through ancient corridors, bringing life to dead and barren walls
I am the delicate scent of flowers wafted on the breeze
Heavy jasmine to lovers, fragile lilac to the sweet and shy
The scent of burning leaves on an autumn evening
The smell of roasting meat to the hungry

Meditate upon me if you are trapped in a land
Of stale atmosphere and no circulation of prana
If you gasp for beauty and purity
Yet are caught in a mandala from which you cannot escape
Meditate upon me if you are clear and wish energy
To expand your clarity
If you are constricted and wish release
If you breathe shallowly in fear
If you are surrounded by thunderclouds and wish bright skies
If you breathe the air of the cemetery or burning ground
And yearn for the sweet air of heaven

Then shall I come, in a chariot draped with winds
To bring you to our home, and along the way
You may perceive the many energies of sweetness
Upon which we travel

Each level of energy has its associated fragrance
And it is upon this that we fly
Soft, musky doves wings and the honeysuckle wings of angels
Apple blossoms and vanilla, almond and clove, orange-flowers and tuberoses
Wings of scent so sweet that the body tingles
Delicate rose and violet, sweet lily and orchid
Bring you to our destination

There I offer you sweetness in all forms
That by the path of beauty, you may transcend
To the ultimate goal.


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