BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas


The Essence of Flowing Nectar

I am Vajramrita, the dance of the flowing nectar
I am the curling tongue of the butterfly
as he dips into the trembling flower
I am the dance of lovers, who circle around their heart's bond

I am the dance of Kundalini, as she sends glittering showers
and warm honey upon the seeker
I am the dance of life which has no name

I bring forth growing roots, curling tendrils, weaving vines
Dancing with me, they bring forth fruit and flowers
I cause eerie winds, and the creaking dance of old trees
Whose cracklings also show the inner movement

I am the dance of sparkling stars falling through the universe
Weaving crystal winds and rainbow waterfalls
The dances of need and desire, fulfillment and satiation
The graceful rubbing and sliding together of beings
The separation and the seeking and the return

Meditate upon me if your life is full of awkwardness
If you fall when you leap and hiccup when you laugh
If your mind rockets crazily from one thought to another,
instead of flowing
If you hear icebergs crashing instead of bells tinkling,
dissonance instead of rhyme, crash instead of chime

And I will come with graceful waves of form
My gentle white horses will dance before you
The birds which accompany the chariot will flutter gracefully
The skies themselves will glide into endless waves
Laughing gaily, doing the waltz and the cha-cha and the ballet

While you stand, and are filled with the will to express
The glorious wonders of existence
Your heart will expand, and your arms open
To embrace the universe

Your eyes will close, and you will breathe deeply
As you begin to move
To the dance of the Great Existence.


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