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The Vajra Dakini

A Meditation on the Paradise of Vajrabodhi Dakini

The goal of this meditation is to concentrate the mind, and to visit a Buddhist paradise.

Mark off a diamond shape in the midst of mental space. Edge it with red thread. Have the diamond echo and repeat backwards towards you until a tunnel is formed. Enter the tunnel with great speed, as the red thread diamonds fly past you. Between the red threads you begin to see lines of blue and white light, and the tunnel is now lined with bright lights of all three colors. You move forwards until the tunnel ends at a doorway, the great mandala of Vajrabodhi Dakini, the essence of the Diamond Mind.

The mandala is composed of a great square of deep black edged with lightning. There are four doors, with bhairava guardians, dancing on earth, wind, fire, and waves. Within the square are circles. There are circles of skulls and bones, and a circle of flames, which together strip away the ego and its desire for dominance.

Within these is a blazing white lotus, with emerald green leaves all around, and a golden center. Within the golden circle is another square of guardians. These guardians hold the meditator's attachments during the visit to the paradise.

Within that golden circle is also the entrance to the palace, with doors that open in all directions at once. The doors are bronze studded with jewels from ancient kingdoms of great beauty, which have come and gone. The meditator must find his or her way through the doors to continue.

The doors open like a flower unfolding, and within is the Vajrabodhi Dakini. Her abstract form is a great crystal vajra, like a giant snowflake reflecting brilliant rainbows in all directions. Superimposed upon her crystal form is her human form. She appears as a beautiful woman, wearing white robes, draped in jewels of gold, diamond and crystal. She sits with one leg down, in bodhisattva pose, her foot touching the world of form. She holds a double vajra in one hand, and an open lotus in the other. She has a single face, with two hands, and a radiant smile.

She says,

I welcome you, spark returning to the blaze. I am the emptiness of the diamond mind, which shines with pure awareness. I mirror, and emanate the light of Vajrabodhi Shakti, who refracts the pure brilliance of Vajrasattva. To eyes which are bound to form, it is dark and invisible. But always remember that it is there. Your eyes are blind now, but as you grow you will learn to see, and when you do, you will know the way of seeing things of wondrous beauty and power. I am part of a vast process - the projection of the infinite universes. Come and see

The meditator looks and at first sees only dark thunderclouds. But behind them is lightning flashing through the skies, with moments of brightness like magnesium flares when there is brilliance flowing through brilliance. There are winds and waves and storms of darkness and light and rainbows. It is a vast ocean of flowing light with mystery beyond. The meditator contemplates this ocean for a short time.

Now the diamonds of red, blue, and white surround the meditator, who is rushing backward through the tunnel. The universe is in the shape of a silent smile. The meditator returns to normal awareness, and bows his or her head in thanks.

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