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The Bodhisattva and Spiritual Emanation of Vairocana

A Vairocana mandala The music of being is the glory of awareness, the constant hum of change
It is the choirs of heaven and the whirling planets,
leaving trails of mist for others to follow
It is laughing and singing, tears of joy flowing amid the sound of great rivers
It is the opening of the Great Door

The root of the heart courses onward
To swirl around the chains which bind men to illusion
They sway, they tie, the body dances
Rising in ecstasy, throbbing, thrilled
The energy spills out, bursting forth
Radiant into the world

Flowers crown the head of the sage
Starlight with rays in all directions
It is the shining light of Truth, and the mind and body
Are but the bulb, or as clouds on a windy day
Blown, scattered, dancing in fragments
Delicate scales of butterflies, or wave-crashed spray
Dancing in the moonlight.

The music of ecstasy calls forth movement
For the great powers of the universe are pulsating
The infinite chorus is singing praises
Emotions push and pull, like taffy or rubber
And burst, in pieces like stars

Only listen, listen clearly, and you may hear it
The delicate pulse of pleasure coursing your spine
The sensual thrill of delight
The cry of agony, of too much pleasure, too much sensitivity
Pushed to its utmost, the touch of a song
Upon the delicate center

Ecstasy calls forth shivers of wonder, vibrations of joy, the sharing of love
It is not for the one
It is union with the many
There is no space or time
There is no separation
There is no stillness, not yet
But there is singing

It brings forth from each person his deepest desires
Fulfills them, light fills them
Light fills the world, and the bud is full-blown
Open and praising in shining song
The wonder of eternity.


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