BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas


The Bodhisattva whose Mind is like the Ocean

The name of Ocean Mind refers to the vast depths of awareness
towards which all beings may strive
I am the archetype of limitless consciousness, the deep pool
without sandy bottom or shores
I absorb and release all form unhampered
None may cling or be clung to
There are no forms which last.

I call out over the vastness of space
the call of life unending
of mind without thought
of love without object
All things travel through me, none need travel around
I am air without wind, water without currents, space without dust.

I am white as the clear morning rising through fog
White as a shining mountain, reflecting the sun's brightness
White as a pearl against deep blue velvet
I am a pearl with no surface.

I look at a man or a woman
And I see the emptiness of which they are made
I see a mind free of tension
Which is filled by the tense matter of thought and desire
I see a body, layers upon layers of concentric rings
A pebble of individuality thrown into a clear pool
Whose layered rings remain for just an extra second
I see a self, striving for wholeness, trying all things to fit its needs
Until it finds the Truth, and its needs are satisfied.

Skim your voice over the waters
Low-flying, in all directions
That it may guide the lost into port
That they may avoid the dangers of the night
Call out, and say
That the waters of peace are at hand
That the gentle waves can soothe all pain
That the worn container, crusted with dregs of ancient life
May again become warm and full.

I am the tidal pools of hot salty water, teeming with life and form
I am the icy depths of the Northern Sea, cold and without life, yet flowing
I am the wide ocean, wherein all forms are changed and carried
To their final destination.

Hear the call of the great conch
The thunder, the waters, the splashing waves
The myriads of starry beings, living and dying
Let them flow through you, that you may understand them
While you float upwards, carried by the shining current
To that peaceful and infinite shore.


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