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The Basecamps of the Buddhas

A mandala with Ratnapani

The paths to the thrones of the various Dhyani Buddhas can be seen as climbing a mountain, and at the base of each mountain are various distractions and weaknesses. There are some distractions and problems that are common to all the buddhas and some that are unique to each.

The Blue Buddha emphasizes detachment, but his associated distraction is hatred. It is easy for those who seek silence to hate the noisy, and for those that seek to be free of bonds to hate the needy and demanding. The Blue Buddha is pure and silent with concentrated awareness and all forms of impurity can be understood as enemies.

The Red Buddha is passion, love, and enjoyment. His distractions are passions run amok, cruelty, lust, greed, and holding on tight and never letting go. There is fear and accusation, and a desire for your own enjoyment at the expense of others. Any culture that emphasizes entertainment as the goal of life will be lost in the jungles of the red Buddha.

The Green Buddha emphasizes action and accomplishment, heroic virtue and overcoming of obstacles. But at the base of the mountain, we have warriors who fight for vain causes, power-seekers who want conquest without responsibility or compassion, amoral mercenaries, sadistic gangs, and dominance as an end in itself. Here are the saboteurs and those who find the pain of others to be funny. They do not act in a higher cause. They fight out of hated and jealousy.

The Golden Buddha emphasizes harmony, love, equality, and order. All beings see the divine in each other and no longer need to strive and struggle. Its distortions are laziness and sloth that come with satisfaction and blindness to higher goals. There may be greed to have as much happiness as others, and hording satisfaction to keep it from others. There may be misers and people full of inertia, both immune to concern or the caring for others.

At the base of the mountain of the White Buddha, we have those bound by ignorance, and blind to the Buddha's all-seeing wisdom. The goal should be infinite awareness, leaving individual concerns behind, and gaining enlightenment for the good of all. Instead, we have people who cling to lies, who love false claims and hate true ones, who wallow in stupidity and avarice, and hate truth. Intelligence is shunned, sensitivity is insulted, and aesthetic concerns are attacked.

While the White Buddha gives clear thinking and perception, the distortions at the base of his mountain are illusion, callousness, blindness, and submission to authority. The light is hidden by dark clouds of ignorance.

You can see some of the distortions of the virtues of the White Buddha in your culture where the people have turned away from spiritual knowledge.


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