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A meditation based on contemplation of the Goddess of Transcendental Wisdom **

The Wisdom
Goddess Prajnaparamita Meditate upon a jewel-encrusted lake,
shining with the light of many worlds
In its center, the jewels coil and move,
following the age-old currents of existence
As they bend and sway, glide your body through them
Swimming between the moving bands
As Odysseus passed through the clashing rocks
Of Scylla and Charybdis

Meditate upon the words AH-VAM-SA
As the jewels spin their webs around you
They will cause a rotating wheel of energy to swirl around you
As you follow the golden and dark waters
To their source deep below
Neither dark nor light
Yet shining with unearthy brillance

Pass by the sandy shores of a river, friend
For many beings are there, dancing and luring
All passing travelers into their weaving games
From whence they never escape

Look only towards the ocean, where the mists meet the skies
And the delicate softness blows fragile foam and brine scent
Take your small boat to cross the great ocean
Though its waves may threaten to drown you
Return only to the source, far beyond the horizon
Know that though the centuries it has awaited you
It shall greet you with joy and welcome,
while your soul may say,
Ah, at last I have come home.

** NOTE: This meditation has no direct relationship to the Prajnaparamita Sutra.


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