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The Shakti of Amitabha

The Dyhani Buddha Amitabha The music of the universe is the call of desire,
for that is the ringing summons which all obey
It brings forth the lush jungles, the touch of man and woman,
the movement and changing forms of all beings
It weaves strands together, that the cloth may be ever-changing,
that the woven scene depicts both heavens and nightmares

Music is desire clashing against resistance
Drawing near the resisting one
Parting the close ones
Opening up hidden doorways
Closing the tunnels which lead to the sky

Music is the beckoning hand, the crooked finger, the winking eye
It is the flaming pyre which causes change to burn eternally
It is the thrust hip, the bent knee, the pointed toe
It is the magnetism of the dancing girl, who tells
through desire the story of the creation of the universe

Desire is the field through which all action takes place, the matrix of attraction
It causes the great sins of greed and lust
It is the subtlety of evolution, the many angles of opening and closing, the many asanas
It causes the existence of fulfillment and wondrous joy, by creating needs
It is the dancing of all beings in the webs and nets of creativity

I am that which fills man's mind, so that he loses awareness of nothingness
I am the creator of civilizations, of ideas, of dreams, of martyrs
I create the higher goals to which all men strive, and also the distractions which keep them away
I manifest the great goddesses of fertility and destruction
I am the urge to change, to reproduce, to kill, to be reborn
I create and pulsate through the cosmic cycles
I take the sun and move its forms

My lord is Amitabha, quintessence of Drama
Most high and beautiful, he is the essence of duality
He creates all relationship, both pleasing and ugly
He breaths life into form, and gives it reason
His glorious rosy light sheds beauty across the endless planes of the universe
He directs the cosmic stage
He is the source of laughter and tears
With his great hand he halts the life of a thousand worlds
With his gentle touch they rise in awe and wonder, to begin the striving of a new age.


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