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The Bodhisattva with the Sword of Discriminating Wisdom

The perception of truth is not for all minds
Manjusri with his sword of discriminating wisdom in hand These are the qualities which force its exclusion:
Desire, greed, ignorance, pride,
Joy in sensation, love of the past, fear for the future,
Anger at the present, the inability to see clearly.

These are the qualities which bring it nearer:
Hope, joy in change, love of the many
Creative action, individual growth, acceptance of new ideas
The ability to understand potential.

These are the qualities when truth is here:
Acceptance of all form as having equal reality
Clear vision over long distances
Love of all things and non-things
Joy in what is.

With my sword I strike down those who presume to travel
to places forbidden to them
I decide the worthiness of an adept, the talent of a master
the distance both may travel
My book records the karma of each whose deeds
determine the world which they shall inhabit.

I guard the door to Truth unending
Neither mercy nor power shall move me from my decisions
I wear the robes of judge and jury
Across the abyss I hold my golden ladder to aid the worthy
While the unworthy who try to cross
Find only shifting sands within their grasp.

I am blue and gold and also white
I bend neither to the right nor the left
If you wish to ascend to truth, then you must do these:
Look deep within your heart
Feel the many chains which bind you, hold you like an anchor
To the planes of illusion
Not one link will I allow to pass the sacred gates.

Impartial understanding, great in the wisdom of many worlds
Only these do I allow to pass
That they may have wisdom to trade for Truth.

No dramas, no mantras, no striving will I let by me
Those who are ready shall pass
The rest shall strive, dissatisfied and fight among themselves
Letting their true natures come to the surface
And wonder
Why was I not chosen?

You who wish to ascend follow the path
To the cave of loneliness, in the mountains of the self
And when you have found the Hidden
Return to me and I shall bless you
And point you on your way.


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