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The Bodhisattva's Colors

Maitreya image Most seekers know me in my golden form of compassionate love, friendship, and playfulness. In that form, I bring gifts to the poor and lonely, acceptance to the rejected and depressed, and dance and song to the fearful and isolated.

But I have other manifestations. Blue Maitreya deals with wisdom and I have special gifts for scholars and writers. Red Maitreya is for actors and heroes. I fill their hearts with love for their audiences and countrymen. Green Maitreya encourages growth and courage, creating forests and jungles that bring life to dead worlds. White Maitreya shows cosmic love, the great ocean of compassion and shared awareness that gives rise to the play and drama of the universe.

To those whose lives are difficult I say, be of good cheer. Love awaits behind every mountain and cloud. Beyond the arena of fighting in which many are born are worlds of light and love. There all beings are friends sharing their hopes for heaven, and the skies show their appreciation and caring for each other as fireworks against a bright blue sky.

I complete all souls and make spirits shine with truth. I bless all who look towards me.


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