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Beauty and Humor

Maitreya image I hear Maitreya's song in meditation. I see his form where he was present in the temple statue in Kyoto, less intense than in the statue where I first encountered him in Darjeeling. But he is still deep, surprised, and with smiling eyes.

He says,

Child, you are not limited to statues [when encountering me]. I can be anywhere. You saw the mountain with my form, and my face in the sky. When you are in a spiritual group, I can be present in their harmony. And for you as an artist, I can be present in beauty.

What makes something beautiful? It can reflect an ideal - something perfect to bless one's life. It can reflect a noble cause, like compassion or the creation of something valuable. What is loved is beautiful, as is closeness to death that motivates caring and sorrow. Beauty is color that reflects the deeper worlds, and sound that overwhelms the ego and its desires. Beauty lifts the soul out of its limited body and reveals infinity.

Beauty is part of the life I have chosen. Bodhisattvas create paradises as ideal worlds to give souls a place to rest beyond the constant demands of the body. My paradise has golden light and blue sky, and flowers and greenery. Souls can be rested and refreshed, and make better choices than they have in the past.

I am also the ideal of friendship, who gives to others without expecting anything in return. I am a sack of gold that is never empty, and a table that always has food.

As lord of smiling and happiness, I also like humor. This is not the cruel laughter at the pain and discomfort of others, but shared joy in the happiness of others. It is quizzical humor, full of surprise and wonder, and affectionate humor laughing at the cuteness of babies and pets. It is humor that makes everyone happy, without exception.

As future Buddha, I represent paradise, not apocalypse. I give the chance of a happy afterlife even for those blinded by selfishness and cruelty. They need only turn away from these and choose a future of compassion and sensitivity. It is a small group to be sure. I welcome those who choose it.


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