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The Voice of the Silent Buddhas

I am the Bhairava Lord,
An Abstract Bhairava first emanation of the Diamond Scepter of Cosmic Justice
I am the central consciousness of all bhairavas,
who are my emanations.

Vajradhara, the great Adi-Buddha, holds the Light of Order
His light balances the infinite aspects of justice in the universe
I, and my emanations, are aspects of his light
We act to maintain order in the infinite dimensions of the cosmos.

My particular focus is on the question of identity
Spiritual development is the progressive casting away of old identities
I restructure the understanding of the self,
as consultant and guide
I cast the karmic winds for the seeker on the way to the Void.

While the lower bhairavas work with novices on the path
I visit more experienced people,
who have gone throught the realms of form and formlessness
For those involved in dissolving identity,
I am the matrix of time and space
For those who seek understanding, to teach and help others
I am the magnifying glass of the invisible worlds
The voice of the silent Buddhas.

The universe follows many preexisting patterns
They are parts of me,
mandalas which are the manifestations of my thoughts
It is through the path of my thoughts that seekers come to me.

My world is not like your world
It is not bounded by shape and color and name and form
My world changes as I contemplate
And my thoughts radiate down the halls of time
When I move from one subject to another,
The contours of the universe change.

I am musical harmonies and mathematical transformations
Within the spinning disks of the many worlds
I am the force of change helping a snake shed its skin
And a person gain awareness of Truth.


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