BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas

Maha Arya Tara

The Spiritual Shakti of Amoghasiddhi

I am the shining green of a deep forest
Green Tara is also known as Maha Arya Tara Of new leaves just unfolding
I am the color of waters teaming with life
And poisonous reptiles and lizards.

I am the force of change and separation
The branching twig, the twisting vine
My music is sudden, unexpected, always new
Moving against that which already exists
Bringing unexpected sound into the world.

I am jagged glass breaking, strings stretched,
drums with irregular rhythms
I am cats yowling in the night,
car brakes screeching, and alarm bells
Both the rescue ship cutting through the waters,
and the splashing of the shark

I am the force of change, for good or ill,
in the worlds of history and transformation

My lord is Amoghasiddhi, Lord of the force of imbalance
He is the conqueror of inertia,
the hero who slays sloth and despair
He comes into the world as a warrior
Flags and banners waving, lances ready
He brings the lazy and stolid to action.

My Lord is the force of change in heroic form
He is ever-new, continuously bringing different ideas and actions
Handsomer than a great army,
with warhorses and shining armor
He awakens the masses who have fallen asleep.

My Lord says,
"Let heroism run through your veins. Is your blood made of water?"
And people are awakened to their potential.
Spiritual growth does not mean laying around in a self-satisfied way
Waiting for something to happen.
It means going out and shaping the world
Conquering the worlds of spirit
Fighting the forces of evil and inertia
And storming heaven by force of will.

I save people from danger -
though I may also bring them into danger
Anything to change the status quo.
We are rebels, revolutionaries, inventors, and anarchists
We glorify change in the universe.

Call upon me if your life seems to go on without end
If one day follows the next in an endless and boring routine
If you hate your life and fear your death
If you are trapped in obligations of family and work
Call upon me and I will change your life
You will fight for noble causes, make your existence worthwhile
You will not fear death
for you have accomplished much with your life
Your accomplishments will be wreaths of green laurel
in the worlds of transformation.

I will save you from the darkness and danger of the illusory worlds
By making you see through their falsity
I will break through the mirrors of mind
with their gross reflections
With a gesture, I will break through the bondage of this world
And show you the Void in a handful of sand.
I am green lightning, and the crash of a drum
I bring you sudden and forceful liberation.


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