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Green Tara

The Emerald Garden Paradise

I hear Tara's song and see her world, a garden full of green and growing plants. It is an emerald garden paradise.

Green Tara is also known as Maha Arya Tara
In its midst is a lotus throne. Around it are offerings, incense, flowers, sweets piled high, burning lamps, and brocades with golden thread.

In this form, she prefers symphonic music instead of monotonous mantric chanting. The winds have golden chimes and bird calls and the scents of roses and lilies.

The paradise is still, like the early morning in rural Bali. Her form is shimmering as it appears on her lotus throne. Her eyes are compassionate, appearing as both those of a wise old woman and of an innocent child. Her face and body express radiant beauty.

She says, "Stand before me."

As I do, the stars and galaxies spin around us. We are a double star becoming a single supernova. Our forms dissolve into light.

We move through the mandalas of great wisdom buddhas, Vajrasattva and later Vajradhara. There are infinities layered upon infinities.

She says, "You do not become me. We both become deeper forms of spiritual light."

We shine through the mandalas of the great diamond buddhas. Our identities grow to encompass the universe.

We are infinite space and time looking out through the eyes of an individual. The soul is a bubble of sea foam on the ocean of diamond light.

A current of nectar in a waterfall of grace falls onto the physical world. This is the blessing that comes with sadhana.

Space has been expanded into infinity and now begins to contract. The expanding galaxies spin in reverse contracting to a point. The point is a single jewel, an emerald, Tara's symbol.


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