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Emerald Dakini

The Shining Green Star of Power

I am the Vajra Dakini of deep, brilliant, emerald green
I am the force of life and growth, of success and accomplishment, and of conquest
In my peaceful form, I support growth, change, and new beginnings
In my wrathful form, I am war, disharmony, destruction, and poison.

My dance gives life and death
I defend the truth and I hide it
Life is growth and paralysis, war and peace, insight and ignorance
So am I.

I am the shining green star of power
As a vine, I grow and conquer the forest
In the guise of the prophet bringing divine revelation,
I am the shaper and conqueror of civilizations
As the emeralds at the base of a sword, I destroy enemies
As a great tree, I give and represent immortal life.

As a Dakini, I am the spiritual guide and helper to all beings
I am invoked in meditation by the fearful and the troubled
I conquer the enemies of greed, hatred, lust, and ignorance
I paralyze and destroy the hordes of illusion
I poison the well of eternal thurst
I bring cooling rain to the deserts of endless passion.

My peaceful side gives, and my wrathful side takes away
My green lightning stops the constant growth of the slime of desire
I give new beginnings by destroying the old and corrupt
I simplify the complex, and give inspiration to the dying
I am the force of rebirth in life after life.

I am the savioress but I only save the worthy
Do not call upon me lightly, for I may save you
And in doing so, destroy what you value
If you call upon me for wealth and worldly success
You will be sorry
For true success may leave you with nothing
Neither will I give power among kings and princes
People always ask for the wrong things.

Call upon me for help in meditation, for conquest of desire
For finding the true meaning of life
Call upon me in youth for independence of spirit
Call upon me in old age for strength of purpose
Call upon me when the soul is enslaved, and seeks freedom.

I dance in the burning ground, shining green with veils
I hold the axe and knife, as a friend or a foe
Make me your friend.


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