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The Vajra Dakini

Institutional and Personal Roles

Vajra Dakini is a spiritual guide with many skills. For traditions with organizations and lineages, her most important role is as the revealer of texts. Such texts deal primarily with ritual practice, and these texts give descriptions of paradises and states of awareness, and the ways to reach them. These methods deal with mantras, visualizations, and multiple levels of meaning within symbols.

Some texts are more introductory and some are more advanced. Some include initial practices of purification. Others include ways of getting rid of obstructive karma from the past. They also include ways of taking on dakini and bhairava protectors.

However, for individuals, she can give more individualized practices through her emanations. In such cases, she can work with both past and future. For the past, she can reveal past lives and discuss their significance and impact on the present. For the future, she can help shape the person's meditative practice, and help to clarify goals.

Not all spiritual people seek immediate enlightenment. Some seek knowledge in order to teach others. Some seek power in order to help others. Some seek creative inspiration for the arts. Some seek insight into the mind and its relation to the body to help heal disease and reduce pain. All of these are legitimate goals.


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