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The Vajra Dakini

The Memory of Origins

Vajra Dakini is great 3-dimensional Christmas star, filling the heavens. She is like a snowflake covered with diamonds, a giant while-gold vajra shining brilliantly in space. She creates and fills the space around her. Her world is full of sparkling atoms that flow from her vajra form, and each atom is a universe in itself. No matter how far you go in any direction, you end up at the center of the vajra. There is no periphery; everything is at the center.

It is a triple vajra with a third dimension with echoing vajras which radiate in all directions. All space is shining.

She says,

Consciousness flows through frameworks. What you see here is the origin of both matter and consciousness. My crystalline forms mirror each other along infinite waves, creating structures that can be filled with flowing light. Incarnate life requires both, awareness and its container. At least two levels of form are required.

Structures all come down to angles of light, and the subsequent angles of the light's reflections. These create the pathways into and out of bodies, the bodies themselves and the forms of consciousness that inhabit them.

This is why sunrise causes the heart to leap, and why the Northern Lights draw forth the soul. Somewhere deep down, all beings remember their origins in a sea of light that grows continuously ever brighter.


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