BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas

Blue Dakini

The Dancer on Ocean and Sky

I am the sapphire dakini, the dancer on ocean and sky
In my sky form, I appear in the middle of a shining blue lotus,
against a mother of pearl sky at sunrise
I am seated with smiling face, and two hands
One holds a bell, and the other a book
One leg descends from the lotus.

I am the sky dancer of infinite mind
The purity of a bright blue sky,
without clouds or smoke
And the deep blue evening sky,
shining with stars
I draw out the seeker's awareness
from the grasping hands of matter
I am the clear music which awakens the mind
and causes the body to slumber.

I am also the ocean dancer of infinite perception
The clear water which washes away the mud and dust of desire
Which cleanses the heart of passion
In the midst of the turquoise waters, my lotus is royal blue
I am smiling with three eyes
My four arms hold knife, bell, mala, and mirror
I wear black veils, which float gracefully in the ocean
My lotus' petals are blue, but its center is black and gold
In this form, I am revelatory
I show the true path through the oceans of feeling.

My sky form is peaceful and compassionate,
giving love and help
My skin is pale blue,
and I wear white pearls, sapphires, and emeralds
My robes are gold and white, and my halo is deep blue
In this form, I bring the gift of silence to disordered minds

My ocean form is active and creative, influencing the worlds
I am dark, for my actions include both creation and destruction
I create the pathways which seekers may travel to silence
And I destroy the distractions which hold them like chains.

From the third eye of my active form comes my destructive form
The wrathful blue dakini
In this form, I am invoked during danger
To protect the soul from destructive influences
Bondage comes in many forms,
as desire, as passion, as obsession, and interest
I cut the bonds of attachment and darken the skies
to show the true status of embodiment
I am the formless light who takes on formed darkness
to free those who are bound and blinded.

I am the blue lightning which shatters locks and chains
The bolt of liberating insight out of the blue
The blue notes of sorrow and regret over the past,
the beginning of renunciation
The path into the blue depths of eternity.

I am ordered and disciplined, yet spontaneous and free
I come to practitioners who are worthy
I am the initiating dakini
for those seeking a pure heart and an infinite mind.


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