BUDDHA NATURE.COM Songs and Meditations of the Tibetan Dhyani Buddhas

The Vajrayana Dhyani Buddha Aksobhya

I am Akshobhya, lord of stillness
I am the deep blue of a cool evening reflected in the stream of a pine forest
I am the brilliant blue of a tropical evening , seen by the traveler weary of parties
I am the sea blue of the watery underworld, full of brightly colored souls swimming by
I am the royal blue of a king's robes, upon the throne of Truth

I represent peace and sincerity, the moon reflected in a bowl of water
I am striving towards the ultimate truth, and the antithesis of impermanence with lies and deceit
I am the deep blue of the soul which shoots out as a blazing white comet
I am the Milky Way in the cobalt sky, the bright stars of life

I hold up my hand, and in it is the lightning vajra, with rays of turquoise, edged with bright rust and gold
It is the weapon that spins the world, brass with blue and copper shadows
It fills the sky with light, to save the innocent
And blind the evildoer

We of the vajra worlds have many mandalas
Some are unique to us
Others relate to other buddhas

One that is mine is within a giant sapphire
With my reflections mirroring endlessly within the facets
The sapphire is found beyond a great fan of peacock feathers
Which is held by the Vajra Dakini in her blue form of wisdom
And brings to mind a beautiful garden at night

I am the sun shining on the ocean
The moon reflected in a lake
I am power in copper ore, blue and orange
I am peace, in deep midnight blue

I am the ocean of quiet
The sun is on my crown, the moon is in my eyes
I wrap the world in my cloak of infinite knowing
Those who approach me must leave their passions behind
I welcome those who strive for awareness
And to them I give the gift of eternity.


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